Friday, April 27, 2012

AsSiD Boost #2...

..has found a new home..
I was quite happy with this one as well.. The case turned out superb.
A different technique was used during the etching process that turned out really nice.
I was really happy with the results..

One slight Issue I DID have while testing this one after completion was the volume kept
sounding as if it were cutting in and out.. but only slightly.. almost as if I had a bad connection on the inside somewhere.
So, after a couple of hours troubleshooting I knew, without a doubt, that it was NOT the pedal..
So, I tilted my test amp forward and grabbed ahold of the wires connected to the speaker.. sure enough,  that is what was causing the flutter.. Wires secured, pedal tested, all is well.
What a nightmare....
There is nothing worse than trying to find a problem where there is none.
I'll be sure to check my tools first next time.

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